Endgame: Ancient Truth is an Alternate Reality Game prequel to the book Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton . It's events occur 2 years before the ones portraited in Endgame : The Calling.

The twelve ancient Lines competing in Endgame are hidden to the rest of world. The civilizations they come from are extinct, and their history is forgotten. No one knows how important they are to the fate of the world. No one except Stella .

A young woman from a mysterious background, Stella knows things she shouldn't. She may not know about the existence of Endgame, but she knows more about the true history of the Lines than any outsider should. And she's determined to share those secrets with you. What you do with those secrets are crucial to how the story unfolds: because what you do in the Ancient Truth ARG will affect events in future Endgame novels and movies.

But just how does Stella know what she knows? And what is her true agenda for teaching the world about the Lines?

Join the game and find out.

New content will be posted to the site six days a week (Stella plans to take Sundays off). Challenges and puzzles of varying types will be posted on a regular basis, and the first ones to solve them will get special recognition from Stella. These challenges reveal hidden story content and more.

Note : The puzzle hunt embedded in the novel Endgame: The Calling that leads to the gold prize is completely separate from the Endgame: Ancient Truth ARG.

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