In here you will find the list of all the challenges posted on the Ancient Societies website.

The solve page to the challenges is  found by appending your solution to the shortlink For example: Also, the  challenges increase in difficulty from Monday to Friday. For the final challenge on Saturday, you will need the answer to each of the daily challenges to reach a solution. On Sunday there are no challenges.

Starting on March 12, 2015, an "Official Solution" for each challenge puzzle is provided at the solve page , instead of the typical story element. Later the story element returned allowing solvers to see it a bit before the rest.

Immediately below you can find the current week challenges and below it all the previous weeks with their respective theme. Here is a page with some Useful Tools.

Week 1 - Introduction

About Me

Week 2 - N/A

The Rebel Flight Clip Convo

Week 3 - Famous Fires

Time Meaning Epidermis Hurt Listen Floating

Week 4

Grid Safety Imagine Hovering Boss Knife

Week 5

Taste Chimney Binge Cold Influence Understand

Week 6

Aftermath AWOL Alone Tear Threat Narcissism

Week 7

Regret Chance Savvy Sunscreen Laceration Echo Chamber

Week 8 - Hoaxes

Silly Suspect Heller Initiate Consequence Break

Week 9 - Escape

Chesapeake Maternal Always Together Pressure Reunification

Week 10 - Wanderers

Train Someday Anthropology Collateral Damage Walking By

Week 11 - Illusions

Magazine Everything Agitated Self Meet Sleepless Nights

Week 12


Week 13 - Hiding Places

Extractor Other Options Dare Rank Again Psychotic

Week 14 - Fakes

Bestowed Recurring Whatever Ethical Dangerous Destroy

Week 15 - Unique Homes

Shoulder Contact Shepherd Insane Crib Dam Tour

Week 16 - Characters in Horror Movies

Probation Sword Crates Blue Tiles Blueprint Unboxing

Week 17 - Sidekicks

Bricks Symbols Cinderblock Skylight Stained Glass Nightstand

Week 18 - Spy Tools

Fainting Couch Comet Beam Another Brick in the Wall Privacy Window Punching Bag

Week 19 - Cities / Regions

Poster Art Mask Graffiti Living Room Coffee Table Small Island

Week 20 - Change 

Operator Balcony Fountains Carafe Tower Fireplace

Week 21 - Philanthropists

Home Bunny Sobriquet Flowing Lines I'm a loner, Dottie In Circles Tip of the Spear

Week 22 - Annoying things

Dart Board Recursive Babe Fence Gaff Condos

Week 23 - Fighting styles

Vase Elephants Chandelier Starry Starry Night Wall of Fame Lampshades

Week 24 - Assassinations

Divider Paper Lamp Porcelain Vase PIllows Cabinet Moshi Moshi

Week 25 - Undead

Black and Red Math Hand Stamp Telegramm What's in the Box?! Sleeping

Week 26 - Sci-Fi movie aliens

Off the Air Outer Limits Window Flags Sakura Movie Posters Multiplex

Week 27 - First in Space

Triangle Map Route Red Square Rocketship Bulletin Board Orbits

Week 28 - Mind Control

Kashmir Matryoshka Masks Stone Grid Paris-Lyon Sanskrit

Week 29 - Crybabies

Tattoo Butterfat Downward Spiral Seat Assignments Papyrus Romans

Week 30 - Ships

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Seashore Ruins Yellow Board Hieroglyphics Padlock Canal

Week 31 - Methods of communication

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Brandenburg Compass Marble Columns A Terrible Thing Case Study Aftershave

Week 32 - Premature obituaries

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Picket Danger Zone Road Warrior Test Pattern Star Door Pining for the Fjords

Week 33 - Numbers

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
(Memorial Day in the U.S.)


Bank Shot

Password Bookstore Departures Cover

Week 34 - Player made

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Inscription Board Windowsill Lugdunum Strange Message From Here to There

Week 35 - Australia

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Wooden Box Wingman Central Console Apex Prognosis Look Up High

Week 36 - Unusual Sculptures 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dashboard Sheet Music Imprinting Protocols Two Hundred Radar Shingle

Week 37 - Outdated tech

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chalkboard Kodachrome Art Gallery Ear Question Mark Ticket

Week 38 - 31 of July

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Piano Music Transmission Scroll Gothic Cross Breadboard Abstract Blocks

Week 39 - Names of Tunnels

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Horizon Conduit Solitary Downtown Brooklyn Oranienburger Don't Look Down!!

Week 40 - Navigators

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Ovdiel Treasure Map Coins


Trailhead Artifacts

Week 41 - 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Overhead Sleep No More Iron

Home Plate

The Final Countdown
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